Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

Cog] had fäid, keep your mony to your felves, and think not to flop our mouths with gifts:: Give up your felves to Chrift, or you give us nothing. I tell you it is you that are our great affli ters : and you (hail anfwer for it. It is much more to us to lofe the Joy of your Sal- vations, than to lofe our eftates of liberties, or worldly honour and 1[,.:putation. And you can never be laved if you will not be S.,,n i- fied, nor happy if you will not be holy. yet look back and remember what Counfel God fent you by his Minifters. and what im- portunites they ufed with you ; a; d if you have denyed them yet their joy, pity your felves, if you regard not them : and deny not your felves fill the prefent joy, of a holy life,' and the everlafting joy of heavenly glory, Which yet you may attain. II. And have not you alfo a courfe that thould be fini(hed with joy, as well as we ? O Sirs, rime is precious, (port and h_ fry : This race is for all eternity, and is to be run but once. Heaven will be quickly won or loi for ever. Can any one hear and believe this, that hath the heart of a man , and not be awakened prefently to make haft ? Dire you die in an unholy uripardoned (late? Dare you go out of thç World more foolifhly. than the