Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

[ 49 the unjuíf ífeward out of his ffewardirip, be- fore you have provided another habitation? Dare you appear before God without his Spirit, and image, and without the wedding- garment of fincere holinefs, 4nd fo without a part in Chriff ? O Sirs, no heart can now conceive what á dreadful appearing that will be. Alas Sirs, we are dying, we are all dy- ing, one to day, and another to morrow, and we are all quickly gone : And do you take no care whither you Mall go next, when God bids you care in a manner for nothing elfe Your courfe will foon be finished : gall it be with joy, or the beginning of everlafting rnifery ? O refolve now, refolve this day, as you would ípeed for ever. Gods grace muff fave you, but it lieth more on your prefent choice and refolution , than careless finners will well confider of: Queíf. Rut howl fhould I jinifh my cour/ with Yoy. Anfw. You may gather it from what is laid already. Are you willing, if I tell you, to do your part ? Asking Q._effions will nor fern inffead of work. I. WilJ