Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

Ï. Will you fee that you perifh not through your own meer carelefnefs, and wilful negleft of what you can do for your Soul : If you will not do what you can , what good will diralions do you? If men will live as if they had not reafon and felf-love, and knew not that they mutt die, or care not what becomes of them for ever , what can one do for the fafety of fuch men? As men cannot difpute, that agree not in fome granted principles, fo- we cannot lead you to Chrift by the Gofpelo if you agree not in forne principles of hu- manity and felf prefervation. A íottifh care. fefnefs is the undoing of the moftd H. Set your felves to f}udy the Gofpel of Chrift, till you underftand what Salvation is, and what is the way to it, and know the na- ture of true Religion. And then you will fee in it fo much truth , fo much neceflity, fo much amiable beauty and fitnefs to make you wife, good and happy, that it will win your i,earts to love and pleafure in it III. Study throughly the true meaning of your Bapti4mal Covenant , and folemnly be- fore God confent to it with tongue and heart ; nd live as under the Obligation of it all your day,