Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

L 51 J days. And alfo live in the belief of ali the promifes of it, tnd expe 1 ation of all the be- nefits promifed. The fumof all your Religion for duty and comfort is cornprized in your Baptifmal Covenant. Though it be an errour to be oft Baptized, it is a hundred times worfe errour, never truly to underftand , confent and praftice, after fo folemn a Vow and Cove - pant. IV. When you have given up your feives to God, as your God and Father, your Saviour andyour San£tifier, remember that your great relations have engaged you in the greatelt bufinefs and thehigheft hopes in ali the World. And therefore now live as fellow Citizens of the Saints and the Houfhold of God, that have nobler converfe, work and hope, thanworldly unbelievers. Remember now with whom and. what you have to do ; and that -it' is not a by and trifling bufinefs, but the beff and greateft that you have undertaken. V. Joyn with thofe that are for Heaven, whofe Counfel and Company may be your help ; feparate from no Chrillians by way of divifion, further than God commandeth you and do not eafily forfake the judgment of the generality of godly men. But make fewyour G 2 familiar