Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

C7] been quite fpent , how he bath recovered his Jlrength, and renewed his hold, as one refolved to take no denyal, and not to let the Lord go, with- out his bleffing for u as well as for himfelf-. ednd did we think, t'"at thefe extraordinary motions and affec`lions in one fo ancient did pre- fage his near approaching death? that he was come vowvery nigh to the endof bis race ? That being fo ripefor Heaven, he would not be long out of ,Heaven, in the Suburbs of which he feem'd to be, when he was in his Devotions ? Did we think that the Lordwouldfo foon gather him and receive him to himfelf, and fay to him, pray no more for this people ? We remember his intro- dufkions to his work, when he firfl entred his Pulpit, beyond the ordinary cujtorne of other A'Jiniflers (and indeed there were many things extraordinary in him) how before his Sermon and Prayer too, he ufed to befpeak.our attention, and endeavoured to incite and flir up our of fe[ion with varioues arguments ; fometimes mind- ing us of Gods Omnipre,ence and his all-feeing eye ; fometimes of the Divine Authority of the word which he was to Preach, that it was indeed the word of God by which we Jsould be judged at the lafl day , fometimes minding us of the worth of time, efpecially offuck feafons o1 grace ; fomet nes of the worth of our Souls, which the gain of all the world could not cornpenfote the lofs of :s fometimes of the worth of grace beyond A 3 all