Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

[8] all the treafures of the Tarth, which wO were capable of gaining by over diligent hearing ; fonetines'minding ua of our death and the eter- nitywhich we fhould enter upon immediately after the feparation of our Soul. from our Body ; but did we think his own death was fo near, and that he Would enter into eternity fo loon himfelf? We remember with what gravity, fcrioufnefs and fincerity- he ufed to Preach unto us, with what plainnefs he did accommodate the word to our capacity, with what zeal and fervency be did Make application to us of the great truths of Religion bow he prefledfinsupon our confciences bya clear, clofe, and powerfulconviftion, adding the molt moving confderations to awaken us unto á fenfë of them, a hearty grief and repentance fog them. We rememler hone feelingly he made known to us the glad tidings of Salvation byfaith in jof t.s Chrifl , how earneflly he urged upon us our duty towards God, andone towards another, backing his exhortations with the moll cogent ;arguments ; and how notably he did infînuate what he [peke hereby into our affeflions we re- ìember hovbe thught us not only by his Doffrive, but àl/o by his example, going before us in the way Of- duty and the way to 1-leaven; but did we think_however in Heaven be would be above us, that he wouldbe alfo in Heaven before us ? He came to my haute not long before he went toLondon (it may be one may fay, and another may