Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

[9] may fay, and poílïbly many of you may fay) although I were unworthy to receive filch a one under roof ; and methought his face did loo, like the face of an e4ngcl. I remember his humble grave 1006 his image is fill upon my mind, as if his perfon were fill b(fore mine eye I remember his kind plealing countenance, his fwe d ,ebliging fpecches he came not to eat of my bread, but to feed me with the breadof life, and how did he entertain me holy and hccvven,y diJcourfe ; he fpk to mfr Pelf, and be Jpall to my Wifè about oar Souls, I hope IJiall neverforget his la[1 words fo long ai Ihavebreath and a me:,: ory to retain any thing; he fpake to my Children and my SETyan s, he would needs have them all called, that he might give them foie words of infruëion, that he might fpeak to, awaken and quicken them to mind J their Seals and Salvation' ; He told its all of death and judgment, how near we were to Eter- nity, but did I thinkhis own glafs was fo near run out, and that he would fo quickly be himfelf in that eternity which he' fpake of fo frequently and affec`llionately to others e Whenhe went forth, of my doors, did 1 think he world never fet foot. , within them again ? end that when he went 414'41y-, ÿe r'-asgoing andwas fo near unto his lone borne ? The la f Lords day of his Preaching to ass, he gave us notice of his journey that ke intended on