Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

C io on the e.2íonday, and defred to fee us the next morning, not at his houfe, but in the Church, that there he ?night take leave of us ; and there feveral of us came together tofee him, and there we heard his laß Sermon to us : his Text was, Prov, 3. 6. In all thy ways acknowied hhn, and he ihall dire& thy paths We well remember the words that dropped then fromhis mouth, but did we thinlyhey wou d be his laß words to eu ? Didwe think when God was direc`ling his path to London, that he was thereby direUing his way fo foon to Heaven ? Dicl we thinlyhat when he too;;,. his Farewelof us, that it was his laß Fare- wel, and that we fhould meet him no more until the .Heavens fball be no more ? O that we had pertwaded him (for he was a man eafy to be entreated) that he would have flayed in the Cou,trey with us forne weeks longer, and have forbore fisch frequent Preaching, until the heat of the feafon were over, which his old body and walled fpirits could not fo well brook, although he thought himfelf able to bear it well enough, and that he fhouldgo thorow it as he bad done in former times . Hadwe forefeen the iffue andvent of this journey to London, rather than fail we would have raifed the whole Countiey of his acquaintance, and come about hire with earnefi defires and requefts to flay him here:, we would have Ug about his arms and neck, we would le' c ta' en hold of his hands and his fèet, and forcibly