Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

forcibly (if we could not otherwife) have detained him among ¡u, that he might have eft-aped that arrow and flroke of death which was prepared for him in London : 'Ifhe had been refolved to go,that he might haflen home to his Fathers pouf, we would have ufed our endeavour to alter his refolutions, we would have wept, and cry'd, and prayed with i :7. portunity, Good Sir don't leave us yet, good Sir flay with us a little longer ; pity fun and fuch ignorant Families, which when you are gone are like to perifh for want of ir;f ruFtion ; pity filch and fuch uncon- verted perfons, who are hallning and rulhing forward in ways of fin to their own damna- tion ; and although they have not hearkened to former calls, it may be fore further calls from your mouth may (through Gods bring) prevail with them, and be effectual to convert and fave them. Pity your Wife who is like to be left a Widow, and what a forsowtu1 Widow is the like to be ? Pity your. Children which will beFatherlefs, and if fòtne of them be provided for, yet you know who of them are low and fhiftleis, and quickly will feel your lofss, and all of them will .greatly mils your company- and your help of them in Heavens way. Pity your Spiritual Children, ibrne of whom are but new born Babes in Chrií, Who are not like to thrive ti,ould they , ib fbon weann'd from the breat`?-, who have' tieed that you