Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

îÌ C 12 you fhould give themmore of the fincere 1Vlilk of the word (which they have tamed and fo well relifh) in order to their Spiritual growth and nourifhment,; pity your poor flockwhich you are leaving, think what grievous Wolves, when you are gone, may enter arnongft them to rend and tear them : force of them are forrowful, and they have need of you to com- fort them, and how will their fadnefs and for row be encreafed when they hear of your deceafe ? Some of them are weak, and they have need of you to ftrengthen them; force of them are ftaggering, they have need of you to eftablifn them; yea, force have loft their way already, and are wandring, and they have need of you to reduce them : force of them are bruited , and they have need of you to bind them up ; and the molt of them are exceedingly difèafed, all have their Spiritual _ maladies, and they have need of you to ad- rninifter Soul- Phyfick to them in order to their cure and healing; andwill you leave your flock in fuch a condition, when there is fo much need of fuch a Paftor, and they are not like in haft to get another to fucceed you, who will watch over and feed them, as you have done ? In- deed after fo much toil and labour, you may well long to be at reft ; after fo much work, you may well look and long for your reward ; but will not your rat be the fweeter if you labour