Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

C. 13 labour a little more ? Will not your reward be the greater, if you add further work tò what you have done already ? if you long to be in Heaven, O flay a little for us till we be more fitted for that place ; good Sir abide a little longer with us, that you maygain more Souls foT Chriíf, who will add to your glory and joy at the day of Chriíls glorious ap- pearance. Thus we might have arguedandpleaded with him to fay, hadwe known that he was goingfrom tu, not to London only, but alto unto Heaven. ,But it was the will of God, he fhould tale this journey to London and that he fhould finifh his courfe there ; his glafs was run, his workwas done, the bounds ofhis years anddays were de- termined, over which hecould not pafr, had both he andwe never fo much defired it. He is gone, he is gone ; never to return to us again in this World. We have loft amoll dear, tender hearted, faithful, laborious and painful Minifier ; but our lofs is his gain ; he is happy, we do not envy his happinefs, but he bath left us behind forlorn And forro;, fain a World offinandmifery. Such Ianguage as this we may iuppofe to have been amongíf you in the Country ; and as you are moil deeply concerned in the lofs of Mr. Stubbs , fo that you have been greatly affe&ed therewith beyond what we can fet forth. Two