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E. 151 this great lofs ? And is not this lofs the greatefi to fuch ? When good old yaccb dyed, his death was lamented iórely, not only by his own Children, but alío by the Egyptians, Gen. 5o. io, i i. When Mofes and c.'1aron dyed, the ifra:lites mourned for each of them thirty days, Numb. 20.29. Deut. 34, 8. When the good King .ofiah was (lain, there was a great mourning for him amongft the Yews,called the mourning of Hadadrimmon in the valley of Megiddon. When Elifha the Prophet lay on his death-bed Yoafh although a wicked King did weep over him 2Kings' 3.14. NowElifha was fallen fickof his ficknefs whereof he dyed and joafh the King came down to him, andwept over his face and [aid, O my Father, n'y Father, theChariot ofIfrael andHorfemen thereof. And we read, (Aft. 8.2. whenStephen the Proto- martyr was ífoned by the yews, Devout men carryed Stephen to his burial, and made great, Lamentation over him. Eccief. r 2.5. Mangoeth to his long home,and the Mourners go about the. ftreets. But when fuch men go, men of God, Ernbaffadours, Minifters, fuch eminent Mini-. fers as yours was, O what mourning fhould.. therebe for him : you have loft a Soul- friend, yea a Soul- Father, an old Disciple, a Soul@ couniellor, a true fhepherd, a Soul-feeder, a fin- cereNathanael, a Barnabas,a Soul comforter you have loft an Angel, a Reward, a labourer, a