Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

II [ 16 . a watchman, a builder, one that f tidied fox your Souls, i'reached, prayed for your Souls, watched for your Souls : wept for your Souls; (pent himfelf for your Souls good, and {hall not filch a lofs be bewailed ? As Paul {aid to the Ephefiansconcerning hirnfelf,we may {ay to you. concerning Mr. Stubbs, iì61.20. 25. Behold all ye amongß whom he hath gone for force years Preaching the Kingdom of God, ye jhall fee his face no more: and it is {aid, Verfe 37. 3 S. And they all wept fore, and fill on Pauls neck, and killedhim ; Sorrowing moll of all for the words which he fpake, that they fhould fee his face no more. Mr. Stubbs bath feveral times come to the City and returned to you again, but now he will return to you no more ; he bath done Preaching to you, he bath done praying for you, he will weep and wrellle for you no more, he will never more inftruet and counsel you never more warn and admonifh 'you , never more exhort and perfwade you, never more comfort and encourage you ; the'doors are now Phut, the doors of your ears have been too often Phut againft his meffage, and now the doors of his lips are Phut up, and never will they be open to youany more. It would have been a juíf caufe of great trouble if your Mi- niíler had been removed into a corner, or had been thruft into a Prifon, although there you might have vilited him fometirnes and received a