Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

C 171 a Spiritual benefit by his private convenfe, and not have beenwithout hopes of his deliverance and enjoying the fruit of his labours again but now he is gone from whence he will not return; his Soul is fled beyond your reach, and his body is gone down to the place of filence, the Lord hath put him to filence ; men could not do it, he would preach fo long as he had a Tongue to (peak: but God hath filenced him in the grave, fò that how you mull not look that he should pray more, and put up further fupplications for you, or preach more,and give further inftruCtions unto you this is a Lamen- tation and fhould be for a Lamentation. Efpe- cially you fhould lament your fins which have procured this lofs, this fad ifroke : have younot finned away your Minifer by your un'teach® ablenefs under the word which bath been taught by his mouth , your unfruitfulnefs under Gods íhowringupon you, Gods dreffing and manuring c you by his hands ? We have had our lofs too here in the City not onlyof him, but alfo of many other eminent and faith- ful Minifters ; our glory is in a great meafure departed, our ftrength is decayed,our Mòis's, our Yacobs, our praying our wreftling Miniíters are many of them gone lately to God, and have we not reafon to fear that God is about to remove his Gofpel, when he calls home hiß Ec bal: