Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

Eí87 Embaffadours fo fait? that a great ftorm is near when he houfeth fo many of his fervants ? Is not our hedg in danger of falling, when fo many #takes are pluckt up? and our houfes of tumbling , when fo many pillars are thrown down ? When the righteous perifh, not only righteous men but Preachers of righteouinefs; doth it not prefage fome great evil at hand, which they are taken from to a place of reft and fafety ? The times did look with a bad face before, but do not they look worfe and worfe, when fo many Minifters are removed, who by their prayers and minifterial labours, might have been helpful to prevent thofè judg- ments which we are in fuch danger of ? The clouds do now gather blackneís falter and falter, and dreadful thunder {forms do feem tobe in their bowels, and the Lord knows how foon all faces may gather palenefs : the molt ferious Chriftians and the molt underftanding and conlidering perfons, do look with trem- bling expectations, when this (land will crack and breakwith a terriblevoice over us,and beat down with a fierce í'empeit, it may be in fhowers of blood upon us. The lofs of our dearbrethren in the Miniftry doth weakenour hands that are Minifters, who have loft the advantage of their compan and help ; but the lofs is moft near, molt fore to them who were under