Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

rÌ9] under their charge and the lots Of this our lately . deceafed Brother and Fellowlabourer Mould be bewailed efpècially, and laid to heart by you who were under his care and Minifry. Thereare two forts ofperfons amongft you, whom Mr. Stubbs hath left behind, Uncon- verted, and Converted perfons we Will fpeak to; both. Firf, Are there not many unconverted per- fons, whom your Mini(fer after all his Soul. travel and pains in Preaching hath left t :con- verted ? Are there not many grofly ignorant perfons with you , notwithflanding all his Catechizing and inftruetions ? Are there not 'many openly vicious perfons, notwithftanding all his reproofs and admonitions ? Are there no profane perfons among you, no íwearers ? Are there no unclean perfons, no adulterers ? Are there no intemperate perfons, no drunk- ards ? Are there no unrighteous perfons, none that are fraudulent in their dealings ? And amongft thofe who are civilized and outward- ly reformed, are there none among you, who are fecretly wicked ? none who are covetous, under the reigning power of that fin which is inconfiftent with the power of godlinefs ? Are 13 2 there