Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

[25] lead a new life. But doth.God' allow'you to' prociafiinate your Repentance- ? Doth God give you a difpenfation to fin, fo long as you are fo young ? If it be a duty to repent here- after, is it not now as much your duty ? If it be good to repent at all, is it not good to re- pent w.hilíl you are young ? Are you fure to live till you are grown risen, and grown wo- men ? Did you never fee or hear that others, have died as young as your felies, and as likely to live, and that notwithftanding their hopes . and prefumptions of long life ? Indeed you may live to,be old, but think alf° that you may die whilfr you are young ; you may die fuddenly before you have time to call upon God for mercy, and if you die in your irnpeni- tency youwill moff certainly be thrown for your fins into Hell, that place of moll hor- rible and unfpeakable mifery ; and will you venture your everlaíling damnation on pre- fumption of long life, and future Repentance Befides, are you fire to repent, fhould your life be continued ? Is Repentance in your own power ? If you have not hearkned unto for mer calls of your deceafèd Miniiler, and if you will not hearken to the call of divers Mi-. nifiers now together, are you fure God will call you any more, that he will fend any other Minifter to you ? Or if he fhould, maynot he %Vitlh