Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

C26I withhold his bleffing, and fwear in his wrath that his Spirit which hath been ftriving with you fo, long, thall drive with you no more ? Moreover, can there be a more fit, a more rea- fonable time for your Repentance, than whilft you are young ? Will not your Repentance now be with the leis difficulty ? It it be difp ficult to repent when your fins are fewer, will not the difficulty encreafe when your fins are encreafed and grown morenumerous ? If it be difficult to repent when your fins are leffer, will not the difficulty greaten when your fins are greatned and grown more heinous ? Is not a twigmore eafily bended, than a grown Tree ? Will not long cuaom in fin added to your na- tural propenfity, add to the difficulty of your repentance ? Is it not eafier to repent when you have lefs fin and more time, than when you ¡hall have lefs time and more fin ? Will not fin be more eafily mortified whilft it is more weak, than when by long continuance it hath gather- ed more ftrength ? Will it not be very hard to remove long contrafted hardnefs ? Do you think the Devil will be eafily cart out, when he bath had long poffeffion. Or can your laíí Ñ Repentance , if it were eafily attainable , be fo pleafing and acceptable unto God , as Repentance in your youth ? Doth not God call for your firft fruits ? Shall the Devil, and the