Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

e E. 27] the flefh, and the World ravifh your Virgin- affeE}ions , and then will you repent ? Hath not God work enough for you to do although you begin never fo young ? And will you \chute rather to ferve the Devil and your own luf}s in the fpring, the prime, and vigour of your years, than to fave the glorious yehovah, when the fervice of the former is fuch slavery, fuch drudgery, and the ways will be eternal death, and the fervice of the latter is fo ho- nourable, fo beneficial, and its reward eternal life. May this Call, thefe arguments prevail with all of you that are young, without any, further delay to repent of your fins, and to day, whilíf it is called today to hearken unto Gods voice , and no longer to harden your hearts through the deceitfullnefs of fin. Secondly, You that have continued in your finful ways and pra&ices to your middle age ; it is high time that you fhould repent. If your Spring be over,and yourSummer be come, and hitherto you have neglected yourSouls, and al- lowed your fèlves in your fins; O delay no lon- ger time, repent of your fins, and repent that you have repented no fooner. God ftretcheth forth his hand all the day long to a flubborn, and gainfaying people ; if you have been flub born hitherto ; If you have deafned your ear to