Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

[28] to former calls, don't deafen your ear to this call, which may be your Tat call. God hack been very patient withyou, he might have cur you off in your fins long ago, and think where. your Soûls would have been now Have not force of you been vifited with ficknefs, and brought down to the fides of the pit, and been raifed again beyond your own and others expeaations ? Have not others of you r aped great perils and dangers, and been w ac rp fully preferved when your lives were in great jeopardy? And fhall your refforatior.of vi._r prefervation, be but a refervation unto more dreadful deffru&ion ? Or rather final not Gods patience and goodnefs lead you o Re-. pentance ? Will you return evil for goo( ? Be caufe God doth not fpeedily executehis venge- ance upon you, {hall your hearts be fully fet in you to do evil ? If your youth bath been given away fromGod.don't give the ftrength of your years too. Let the time paf be fufficient where- in you have ferved divers tufts, and let the re- maining part of your days be devoted untoGod It is likely that manyof you are now got into in.tanglements, and will be hindred by incum- bring bufinefs in the work, which is like to be more difficult than if you had begun betimes : but think, although the difficulty of Repen- tance be never fo great,yet the neceffity of Re- pentance