Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

L 29 T pentance is far greater; Repentance is both uriiverially and abf lutely, altogether indif- penfably neceffary ; you mutt repent, all of you muff repent, otherwife you are loft irre- coverably, and will periíh everlaffingly; It may be hard to you now, and grievous to uñ- ravel all your fmtut works, to undo what hi- therto you have been doing, to begin another life now after you have fpent, or rather mif- pent fo much of your time ; It may be very grievous to you to cut off your right hands, to pluckout your right eyes, but better do fo than that the whole body be caft into the fire ; we mean, it is better to part with your molt beloved lulls, called in the Scripture, and by our Saviour, the right hands, and the right eyes, than that the Soul fhould perifh in fin, and be tormented in Hell furely Hells tor- ments is far more grievous than repenting work and converting work can be. O be not befoofr- ed by the deluding Devil, and your own de- ceitful hearts, to defer fo great and neceffary work any longer ; you have thought to repent at this time, and thought to repent at that time, and yet this time hath come, and that time bath come, and both have flipt and are gone, and ífill you are where you were ; as far from Repentance, yea further from it, more in iípofed, more averfe to it thanat the be- ginning.