Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

[30] ginning:. Sinners, what do you refolve upon will you hold fait fin ítill ? Will you purfue your lufts to the burning lake ? Or will you defer again this work of Repentance until a fitter feafon.? What feafon can be more :fit than the prefent feafon, when Godcalleth you, commandeth you,and ttr,etcheth forth his hand- to encourage you unto this duty. Thirdly, And lafly., We luaul add one word to call old finners toRepentance : your Spring is part, your Summer is ended, your Winter is come, and yet you have not repented, yet have not amended. And what do you think now to do ? Are you refolved to finifh your courfe as you have begun it ? Are you re- folved to fill up the measure of your fin, with yourdays;and will you deafen your ears again{ all Gods calls unto the tart ? Youhave one foot in the grave, and don't you fometimes think of Death ? Can you think to live here always Don't you feel your rtrength to decay ? Have you no Harbingers and forerunners of death with you ? Do not your Silver hairs mind you of the tooling of the fitver cord ? and your . daily breakings through the infirmities of old age, of the breaking of the golden bowl and pitcher at the fountain, and wheel at the cirtern,' whom dur} (hall return to the earth as it was. and