Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

[3'] and the Spirit to God that gave it; that by him yoti may be judged ? .Eccl.12. 6,7. Young onesmay die in youth, but you m4die in old age : you cannot laft much longer ; in a mo- ment you may go down into your duff, and what do you think will become of your Souls when they are separated from your bodies? Will not God call you to an account for all your fins ? Shall you not receive according to what you have done in the body ? Can you be content that Cod fhould banifh you from his prefence for ever , and punifh you amongf'c Devils in Hell ? Can youdwell with devouring fire ? Can you inhabit everlafting burnings ? Can you endure to be tormented and that to eternity , and that with extremity of tor-. ments ? But you will fay, is there no hope ? I anfwer, the Devil may tell you there is no hope ; when you were young the Devel per- fwaded you it was too loon to repent ; and in the ftrength of your years, that it was too loon, time enough hereafter ; and now it may be he would perfwade you it is too late ; yet however grey- headed Converts are very rare, force fuch there are and have been found : We read, Math.20.6. ofTome called to work, in the vineyard at-the eleventh hour. Indeed your Repentance now will be with the greateft dif- ficulty ; but confider what bath been faid of its