Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

C32 .1 its neceffity,and you may take fame encourage- ment from its poffibility. It is poffible for you to obtain Repentance, and Remiffion, and Salvation, if without further delay you feek it, if you diligently feek it. You have need to ranfackyour hearts, to read over the Regifter of your Confciences, to draw up bills of in- ditement againft your felves : you have need to retire within, to go down into your Spirits with the candle of the Lord in one hand, and th' word of the Lord in the other hand, that yuu may find out, and bring out,and flay thofe tufts there, which war againff you, and which if they be not (lain, will be your ruin : you have need to humble your felves greatly before the Lord, to lie very low, to cry very loud, to mourn and weep, to grieve and lament over fo many fins, and thofe fo highly aggra- vated as yours have been ; And then know there is mercy enough in ftore for fuch as you, free-grace can fave the oldeff and greaten ¡in- ner ; themerits of Chriffare fufficient for your pardon; the promifes of the Covenant are large and may reach the worft of you. O then break: off your fins by Repentance , and lay hóld on the Lord Jefus by faith, and devote what remaineth of your life until God, and it is pofbte that fuch as you may get into the Kingdom of Heaven, and eternally admire the infinite