Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

[ 33 infinite. Riches of Gods free grace in your Salvation. Our Letter would fwell too much fhould we. add particular dire} ions in order to this work we therefore exhort you to call to Remem- brance what your own Paffo.r hath Preached. to you for your guidance and help, and it i4 poflible that the feed Which. he (owed whìlf . alive, may fpring up after his death; and the. Sermons which he hath Preached amongft you, and the Ceunfels which he bath given to you, may (through Gods, bleffìng and your icemen brante , and Application) have their effea even now , he is gone, in your Conversion and Salvation. Befides unconverted perfons, we hope there µ. are many true Converts, truly gracious per=; fons amongyou, and not a few who have beers the Seal of. Mr. Stubbs's Miniftry, Some of you are new born, others well. grown Çhri-, ilians ; fome of you are in a declining firate others are thriving Chrif'ians ; we might: be, as large in our writing to you, as we have been inour call of the Unconverted; we might giVe particular counfel and advice, in order to the- healing of wounded Confciences, the reviving' ecay d graces and affections, the refolvinn C and A