Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

[ 34 and removing groundlefs doubts, and perplex- ing fears concerning your fpiritual condition the arming you againft Satans temptations; the guiding of you in the dark night of de- fertion, and when under the Eclipfe of the light of Gods countenance ; and for your quickning and encouragement under afflittions and all oppofitions and difficulties which you do or may meet withall in Heavens way. But fhould we write particularly and fully to you of thefe things, our Letter would grow into a treatife, which is beyond our defign ; there- fore we muff refer you for Counfel, in thefe things,unto the Word of God,and thole Books in our Englifh tongue, which are written on thefe Stibjeas ; and particularly to call to re- membrance what your dear Paftor hath taught you, and advifed you, who was the belt ac- quainted with the ¡fate of your Souls. All that we (hall further add,is to mind you of fone duties, and to fuggeft force confider - ations for your comfort and encouragement under this fo great a lofs. . The duties which God calleth you more ef. pecially unto,after his taking away your Paftor from you,are, i Watchfulnefs. 2Fruitfulnefs. 3 Prayer. 4 Farnily-inftru&ion. Firft,