Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

[35] Firft, Watchfulnefs : All Minifters are, or ought to be the Lords Watchmen ; the Watch- man ; whom the Lord fet over you, was emi- nently faithful, but he is now gone and will watch over you no longer, and therefore you have the more need,- and are now called to watch over your (elves the more diligently, and towatch over one another. i. Watch over your (elves; guard your fenfes which are the inlets of fin, and keep your hearts with all diligence, fromwhence are the iffues of fin, ; it is not long lance you had the eye- of your Minifter over you, who was a faithful reprover; now he is re- moved, take heed you give not your felves the more liberty either to negle(i duties, or to comply with temptations,whereby you may be enticed unto any fin ; were Mr.Stubbs alive, and by you, it may be you would not yield to fuch and fuch Temptations, left you íhould offend him, and be reproved by him ; but think with your felves; that Cod is by you always; and being infinitely holy,is more high- ly offended with fin, than the moft holy man on earth can be; and you have alfo an obferver within you, a reprover , we mean your own Confciences, and take heed of offending them in offending of God 5 for if God and Con- C 2 fcience