Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

[ 36 fcience fhould be againft you, it is a thoufand times worfè than to have all the men on Earth, and all the Devils inHell againft you. Watch not only againft groífer, and more fcandalous fins, but alto againft leffer fins, and fuch as are 6f more ordinary prauice in the World, and that not only amongft the profane, but alto amongft profeffors of Religion themfelves, amongft whom too many hypocrites will be found at the laft day. Watch alfo againft errours,efpecially fuch as are damnable, fuch as are in the foundations of Religion, which fhould you entertain would be more effectual to ruin your Souls, than if you were guilty of the grofreft immoralities. Having received the truth, hold it fait, prize it above Silver and Gold, as being far more precious; yea above life it fèif, and let all go rather than let any truth go ; let truths be rooted in your hearts, imbrace them with love and delight, otherwife youmay be impofed upon with er- rours by fome cunning impottors, and be toffed to and fro with divers winds of Doctrines, by the flight of men and cunning craftinefs of fuch as lie in wait to deceive; always fufpe t them as dangerouflyerroneous,who endeavour to bring the Miniflry of Chrift's appointment into contempt, and perfwade you to a neglea thereof, which you have reafon above others highly