Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

t40 [37] highly to efteem and keep clofe unto, having had fo eminent and faithful a Minifter amo.ngft yQU. Secondly, As you ought to watch over your (elves, fo alto to watchover one another, that fo inftead of one, there may be many watchmen amongft you. Watch over one another in reference to fin, and in reference to duty. In reference to fin, both to prevent f ft in one another, and to reftore fuck as are fallen into it. Watch toprevent fn,iò far as you have power; fay not with Cain'. Am I my brothers keeper ? As you ought not to murder the bodies of any, nor to fuffer any (if you can hinder it) tomurder themfelves; fo you ought not to murder the Souls of any, nor to permit them (if you can hinder it) to murder their own Souls : fhould you fee any of your neigh- bours, or acquaintance,take Swords, or Dag- gers, and therewith togall and wound them- felves, lift up their hands to thruft them into their hearts, would not you run to them, and fnatch away thofe weapons and inftruments of death from them ? WouPd not you argue and plead with them, to forbear the laying fucli violent hands upon themfelves ? By fin your neighbours wound themfelves ; if they wound not their fleefh, they wound their Spirit if C 3 they