Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

C387 theywound not their bodies, they wound their Souls ; and as thofe wounds are moft inward, fo they are the moft deep and dangerous; the wounds of fin are mortal wounds, and not only temporal death but eternal will be the effect of them, without a feafonable application of the blood of Chrift. O do what you can to prevent fin in your friends, do what you can to arm them againft Temptations, and to en- courage them to refift the Devil; to expofe themièlves to any kind of fufferings and pains, and to deny themièlves any kind of delights and gains, rather than to offend God , and wound their Confciences by their fins. But if any of your Brethren have been tempted and have yielded, if they are fallen and wounded, watch to reftore fuch s and there- in follow the direEticn of the Apoftle, Gal. 6. i, Brethren, if a man be overtalgn in a fault, ye which are Spiritual refloré fuch a one in the fpirit of meek,nefs, confidering thy felf left thou alfo be tempted. If you hear of a fault in any of your neighbours, be not forward to be- lieve it, unless the thing be evident by clear proof, or the parties own confeflìon, and then think what the Law of love loth require, Lev. 19 17 . Thou fhalt not hate thy Brother in thine hears, thou limit in any wife rebuke thy neighbour,