Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

[39] neighbour, and not fifer fin upon him. When your neighbours lie under guilt, let love to their Souls prompt you to ule your endeavour for the removal thereof ; don't fpeak of their faults behind their backs to their defamation, and the wounding of their names ; but fpeak of their faults to themfelves in your plain and faithful reproofs, in order to their amendment and the healing of the wounds in their Con- fciences : and that your reproofs may be fuc- cefsful, they rnuft be managed with muchpru- dence,with a due confiderationof the fault, the perfon, the place, the time, and the manner; as to the manner the, Apoftle directs you to do it in the fpirit of meeknefs, don't ufè op- probrious terms, railing angry accuiàtions, re- membring that the wrath of man worketh not the righteoufnefs of God, and anger in your reproof is apt to beget anger in the parties re- proved, the effea of which is like to be excufe and extenuationof theii faults, a hardning of them in their fins, recriminations and retorts on your felves : whereas it you reprove them mildly in a fpirit of meeknefs, and they per- ceive your love therein, and deign of their good, you may the more probably reach their C'onfciences , and through Gods bleffing im- print a conviction upon them, and be inftru- mental for their reftoring; a loft Tongue break- C4 eth