Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

E4ä7 all bone, and a mild reproof may mollify a heart that is like a' bone, or like a ftóne in hardnefs.. And as you ought to watch over one ano- ther in reference to fin, fo alib' in reference to duty; as you occalionallyor purpofely meet to- gether, watch to advife and counlèl one ano- ther, to quicken and encourage one another in your duties both to God and man, 'read Mal. 3. 16. Then they that feared the Lord; fpake oftenone toanother, , and the Lord'hearkyed and heard it, and a Boo, of remembrance was Written before him,for them that feared the Lord, andthat thought upon his name. Here youhave, . Your duty,to fpeak oaten one to another; and.what it is yoti fhould fpeak : The wicked fpeak often one to another, but they-" fpeak vanity and fin, as if their Tongues were their own, and they had nq Lord over them; their difcourfe is froth and filth, they have a Trea- fure of evil things in their hearts, and thence they bring forth that which is evil ; but you who fear the Lord, have a Treafureof good things in your hearts, and thence you fhould bring forth that which is good-: your words fhould be like choice" Silver to enrich one ano- ther; your lips like a Tree of righteoufnefs to ed o :e ánother, your difcourfe Mould be A- way