Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

[41 way with grace unto your mutual edification, that you may excite one another in the ways and service of the Lord. 2. Here's a motive to quicken unto theduty, the Lord hearkneth , taketh efpecial notice hereof, records this on his Book, in order to the reward he intends and hath prepared for filch in the other World. Look into another Scripture, Heb. to 24, 25. Let taa confider one another to provoke (not to anger, but) unto love and good workf; not forfak. ng the af"embling of our felves together, as the manner of fame is, but exhorting one another, and fo much themore as you fee the day approaching. We have not room in this Letter to enlarge in expofition of this Scripture, but mull leave it with your felves to do it in your Meditations, mull: an contra& in the other particulars. Secondly, The fecond duty which God cal- leth youunto, on the lofs of your Miniíier, is fruittulnefs. Your Miniver was a spiritual fower , and we hardly know any. who hath fown fo much feed of the word, as he ufed to do in all places where he came; none more fre- quent in Preaching on the Sabbath days, on the week days, on ordinary, on extraordinary occafions, publickly, and fromhoule ro houfe, he