Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

[42] he ceafed not, whilff he had a Tongue and Breath,to Preach the word. We need not tell you how much feed he hath fown amongff you; and what it is that God doth look for, after fuch a feed-time as you have had. But that the harveft of your fruitfulnefs should be in fame meafure anfvverable hereunto; that as you have had more feed fcattered among you than o- thers, fo you fhould bring forth more fruit than others : Take heed now your Minifter is dead, that his Sermons don't die with him, and be forgotten by you, as if they had never beenPreached, never been heard. Take heed you be not found barren after fuch fowings ; that you be not found dryafter fuch droppings; that you be not like Pharaohs kine, lean after fuch plenty of fpiritual food, and fuch abun- dant means of Spiritual nourifhrnent as you have enjoyed. The fruits which God doth look for are the fruits of Repentance, humi- lity, meeknefs, leif-denyal, patience, content- ment, diligence, righteoufnefs, filial fear of God, faith in Chrit`f, love to God, and one to another, zeal for Gods honour, lively hope of Heaven, thankfe\lnefs for mercies. God looks that you fhould Ile fruitful in good words, and in good works ; l t the feed your Minifter hath fown, fpring up after his death in fuch fruits as thefe filch things he hath often taught you, and