Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

C 44 Say, Lord thou haft taken away him who was our glory, O take awayour fins which are our ignominy and (halm ; thou haft taken away him who endeavoured to fave us, O take away our fins, which if not taken away will deftroy us. Shall our Minifters go, and our fins flay ? Shall our glory depart, and our flume abide ? Our bleffings go, and our curfe continue ? Our builders go, and our deftroyers remain ? God forbid. Pray earneftly that God would take away the guilt of fin,and deliver you from the power of fin; not only the reign,but alfo from the rage of it; not only from its dominion, but alfo from its Tyranny. Andpray alfo for larger effufions of the Spirit upon you, for the teachings of the Spirit, the witnefs of the Spirit , more of the graces more of the comforts of the Spirit , forget not Zion in your Prayers, and the land of your nativity ; bear alfo your particular friends on your hearts when you are before God on your knees. Fourthly, The fourth duty we would mind you of, is Family Inflruí1ion, the Cate- chizingof Children, and Servants, and bring- ing them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord : And here we mutt not enlarge in motives and direaions, only we defire you tó remem-