Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

0451 remember what the Counfels, perfwafions and . pra6tgce of your deceafed Paftor was in this particular, and accordingly let your praice be. And now it is high time to draw to a clofe; we fhall add only one word or two, for your fuppor t and comfort under this fad providence; your lofs is great, and we doubt not but this lofs is very grievous to many of you, that you do and will feel it more and more, that you feel it on the Lords days, and feel it on the week days, when you mils him in the pulpit, and mils him in your Families. But none of you ought to be over-whelmed with farrow upon this account, confidering, firft, that your lofs is his gain : if he had continued Rill in the &íh, and further exercifed his Nliniftry amongft you, it might have been more profitable for you ; but his dillölution and departure was heft for himfelf. His body is decently interred here, and is fallen afleep, afleep in the bed of his grave, his wearied body doth fleep now quietly without any difeafe or pain, and will abide in reft until it be raifed up in glory in the morning of the RefurrEftion. His Soul immediately after its feparation had the at- tendance of Angels upon it to be its convoy into the heavenly 'aradice, and think what ÿ