Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

C5J Firíf, The word tranflated Courfe,fignifieth a race to be fwiftly run. And a threefold race is here included. i. The race of h*man life which is fhort and uncertain : we are not born for nothing ; nor doth God give us life, and time,and maintenance,to live in icilenefs, or to ferve the flefh. The Sun ifands not ffili whe- ther we fleep or wake : Our breath, our pulfe are flit] in motion, our gla4s is running ; And O how quickly fhall we fee and hear, that time on earthPall be to us no more. This Courfe will becertainly and quickly finifhed ; but whether with Yoy, it concerneth us timely to forefee. For the review of Time, of precious Time, and the work of Time, will be no contemptible part of our everlafting work. Secondly, The Courfe (or Race) of Chri- flianity, is the neceffary improvement of our Time. This is not a play, nor an idle, brutifh or a jefling life. It is a great work for a felf- deffroyin; undone firmer, to believe in a Sa- viour,and fuch a Saviour,and wholly to truft his merits, Sacrifice, Counfel and Condut, his powerful operations, and efteaual inter- ceffions for all our prefent and our future hopes. it was not a dream of War that we were lifted for in our baptifm under theCaptain of our Salvation. The refilling of temptations, D3 -the