Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

[ 6 the quenching of the Devils fiery darts, the denyal of our felves, and forfaking friends, reputation, eítate, and liberty, and life, for the fake of Chrit}, and renouncing the fleth the world and the Devil, for the hopes of a promifed unfeen glory, is a real work. To be- lieve in Chrift and his promife of Heaven, to the foriàking of all worldly hopes, is a fcrious bufinefs. To love God above all, and our Neighbour as our felves, and to do as we would be done by, how eatily foever men- tioned and profeffed, are works not unwor- thy to be afcribed to the Spirit of the living God, and to the grace of the Almighty. He that well finifheth the Chrit}ian courfe, (hall certainly receive the Crown of Righteoufnefs And though none of thefe works do in the leaft participate in the Office of the juftifying Sacrifice, Merits or Grace of lefus Chrilt, yet thall we be judged according to them ; and we mutt live to Chrift , if we will live with Chriff. Thirdly, The Apoftolical Miniferial courfe was alfo to be finifhed with joy. His call was wonderful, his Office honourable , his gifts powerful , his fufferings great, his labours greater ; his fuccefies , by miracles in them- felves miraculous yet all this would not have Lived