Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

E71 faved himfelf, if he had not faithfully finithed his courfe. To begin hopefully is more com- mon than to end happily. The Sun of per- - fecution withereth much fruit that fumed flourifhi ig : yudas his end did more difference him from the rat of the Ai, oftles, than his beginning. His Minifiry was confiderahle as common to all the Clergy, or as Apofloiic -1, ToPreach the word as he commanded Timothy, to be in- fiant in feafon and out of feafon, to reprove, rebuke , exhort with all long fùffcring and Doctrine, to rule well, an labour in the word and Doctrine, to take heed to our felves and unto Dorine, and continue therein, that we may lave our felves and them that hear us; to take heed to our felves, and all the flock, to hold backnothing profitable to them, but to teach them publickly, and -from houfe to houfe, day and night with tears, (,,fa.2o.) in meeknefs inftruBeing thole that oppofe thecnfelves, if God at any time will give them repentance, all this is not a dream or play. And to go over much of the world from Nation to Nation, by fea and land, to U reach this Gofpel to f'crangers of varioiàs languages, through all difficulties and fufferings, to ccEn- D 4 firm