Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

8,ßu. firm all by miracles, tó leave this facred Poe- tine infallibly in records to the Church, as a rule to the end of the `Vorld, to teach men to obfcrve all things Cilia had commanded them, as well as to difeiple nations, and bap- tize them, and to fettle the orders and gover- ment of the Churches according to the will of Chriff, this was the extraordinary part of his Nliniffry. Thirdly, This Minithry was received of the Lord efyt,3, ap extraordinary call, a voice from Heaven, and an infpiration of others that were Minifterially to fend him, and the fpecial infpiration of his own foul, for apofao- Leal qualifications. But do not ordinary Mi- nifiers alfo receive their Office from the Lord Jefni Yes ; And though the way of their receptiondiffer, their Obligation to finifh their courfe is divine as well as Pauls. Chriff called Paul by himfeif and by infpired Prophets And he calleth us by his qualifying grace,and by ttis fated Law (as the King maketh Majors and Baylifs of Corporations by his Charters) wherein the orclainers and elelors, orderly determine of the recipient perfons, and the criainers miniflerially inveft them ; but the office, power and obligation is directly from the Law of Chrift. And if any breach ór