Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

[9T1 mteruption fhould be made in human ordina- tion and tradition, the Law ftill tandeth to direa men in the choice and inveftiture, and to confer Authority,and tooblige, as well as the HolyGhoft,to give men the neceffaries thereto. Therefore as we receive our Office from Chrift, we muff ufe it for Chrift, and not fot carnal fell, nor as the fervants of men ; And we muff ufe it according to the Laws of Chriff, whole Laws foever fhall ga'iniày them. Fourthly, The finifhing of Pauls Courfe, is the bringing his work of Chriftianity and Miniftry to the defired joyful end. 1. To the end of duration : not to be weary of weil doing, nor having put his hand to Chrifis plow,to look back and repent, ñor forfake'the warfare in which he was engaged. He that endureth to the end (hall be faved: and in due time we (hall reap ifwe faint not. 2. To the end of Intention. i. To do his own appointed work, that his grace being exercifed and in.- creafed, he may be acceptable to God,and fit with joy to meet the Lord. 2. To call and fave fanners ; and to build up Saints, and to gather Churches unto Chrif,and edifie them, and leave to all ages his Doth-in and example, a certain word and powerful motive, 3 To glorifie