Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

[ io glorifie Chria and God the Father in all this not to fit warm in a reverend habit, for men to honour for the fake of the Office, and bare name of anApoffle. But to telife the Gofpelof the grace of God, to declare the truthof it, the neceflity of it, the priviledges, and the honour, the great love of God, revealed by the Son of his love to (inners, and the great and manifold benefits given them in Chriff, the hope of glory fet before them, and the juff and reafonable means and conditions of obtaining it. Thus did he as immediately fent, and thus muff we as fent by Chriffs appointed Order in his Law, tefti- fie the Gofpel of thegrace of God. Fifthly , Concerning Pauls finifhing his Cotirfe with joy, we mutt confider. i. What joy it is that is here meant ? 2. How much of this joy each faithful Minifter may expel}? 3. And whence and on what account he may expea it ? Fire, The lay here meant which Paul ex- peted is, i. The joy which the nature of the work affordeth : Divine certain, great and holy truth is pleafant to him that undlerfland- eth it, believeth ir, and is exercifed in the lèrious