Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

erious meditation of it. It is fweet to read, and think and (peak of the eiential love of God; and of his unfpeakable grace in Chrift, of his free reconciliation, juflification, adop- tion , and Salvation of thole that were his enemies : of the wonder ful myfferies, and me- thods of Gods love in our Redemption and Salvation, of the Heavenly glory which we and all the ele& of God fhall enjoy for ever. What fweeter food or bufinefs for our minds, than fuch things as thefe ? Secondly, The fuccefs of our work is an addition to our joy. The fuccefs of it on our own Souls, while they increafe in bonnet's, and are railed to the greater knowledg of God, And greater love to him and Communion with hits. And our fuccefs on others while they are brought home to God and laved : If it be pleafant to a iùccesful Fhb fscian to . fave mens lives, it mull be more fo to a fìic- cesful Minifler of Chrift, to further mens regeneration, and to fave mens Souls. To add more to the number of them that love the Lord jelirs, that are his members, that are enemies to fin, examples of, holinefs, that pray for the World, and that !hall live in glory ; is not this a joyful work ? There is joy among the Angels in Heaven fOr every (inner that repen-