Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

C 12 repenteth, Lk 15. ao Chrift rejoiceth in it, and all good men that know it rejoyce in it, and (hall not the Minifler of it then rejoyce? 3 yob. 2 3. I rejoyced greatly, faith St. John, and I have no greater joy. i Thef. 2. tg. 7'e are our joy and Crown of rejoycing. Thirdly, The honour of Chrift, and the pleating of God in our labours, and the fuc- refs,is the top of all our joy. 2 Cor. 5.g. Heb. 12.28. It. 5. For to pleafe God, and to be perfe1ly pleated in him,is our Heavenly felicity it felf. Fourthly, It is our joy to forefee the bleffed end, the ever.lafling glorious reward. To live in the belief and hope of this, and to tafle the love of God in Chrift, which is the firft fruits. All this is the joy in which we may hope to finial our courlè. II. How much of this joy may we here ex- peEf. Anfw. T. So much as (hall fatisfie us .'that in our dedication of our (elves to God, we made a wife and happy choice, which we need not to repent of; Though we might eafily have chofen a way more likely for wealth and pleafure