Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

E '31 pleafure to the flefh, and in which we fhould not have kindled the indignation of fo many againft us ; nor have brought on our Oyes fo much envy and malice, fo ,much Flanders and reproaches, to name no worfè , yet ex- perience tells us, that God taught us to chafe the molt pleafant life, as our deceafec! Brother and I have truly oft told one another, that we have found it. Even when we are forrowfulr, we are always rejoycing, 2 Cor. 6.1o. When we are falfly reported of, cur rejoycing is this the Teftimony of our Corri'tiences, that in fim,pli- city andgodly fincerity, andnot in flefhly wifdom, ire have had our Conver/ation in the World.. 2, Cor. 1. u. Paul and Silas could ling with their backs fore with fcourging, and their feet fart in the flocks, eXt1.16. And the Apoftles rejoyced that they were accounted worthy to fuffer reproach and abufe for Chrift, ee1t . 5.41. Never yet did difficult, or iuffcring much tempt me .. to repent that I had not chofen another calling ; much lefs to repent of the Chriflian choice ; For faith Peter, Job. 6. Whither fhall we go, Lord thou haft the words of eternal life. Secondly, We may expea fo much joy, as Ihall make the duties of Chriftianity and : Mi- tiiftry eafie and delightful to us, Pfal. t. 2. and