Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

141 and make us fay, that, A day in his courts is better than a thoufand, and to be a door keeper in his houle, than to dwell in the tents or palaces of wickednefs. And that it is good for us to draw near to God : And if any time our dif eafed appetites íhall lofe their pleafure, we are yet fure that we have chofen the only whole- fome and delicious food ; and God hath Phy- lick that can recover our appetites. Thirdly , We may exile& fo much joy as lhall keep us from thirlfing again for the world, or longing for the forbidden pleafures of fin, and as ihall make even the houlè of mourning and godly farrow , pleafanter to us than mirth and feafting is to the ungodly , and never delire to partake of their delights. Fourthly, We may expel} fo much joy as (hall make all our sufferings very tollerable, efpecially thofe that are for truth and righte- oufnets, 274'at. 5. io, i i, 12. Believers took joyfully the fpoiling of their goods, and ac- cepted not offered deliverence, Heb. i f. As Peeing him that is invitible, and expe(ing a better and more enduring fubtfance. And that which is not joyous, but grievous at the v,,prefent , will bring forth the quiet fruit of Righteoufnefs, ,Heb. I2 Fifthly,