Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

['51 Fifthly, We may expect fo much joy, as (hall encourage us to holdout to the end, and never to forfakeChriff and a holy life, as weary or as hoping for a better. Sixthly, We may expel fo much joy, as (hall be forne foretaft of the heavenly joy, and forne reward here of all our labours. Tea force may be Pied with joy, and peace in believing, andhave unfpeakable glorious joy. Rom. 15.13 . I Pet. 1. 7, 8. Seventhly, We may expeh fo much as (half convince the u.ngodly,that we live a more com- fortable life than they : Paul and Sila finging in the ftocks, its like, had fòmepart in the con- viftion of the Jaylor. -III. Whence and on what accounts may we exile ,!:i this Joy ? Anfw. This may be gathered fromwhat is faid before. i. From the love and acceptance of the Father. 2. From the graceof the Son. 3. From the Communion of the holy Spirit. And therefore, i. From the goodnefs of our work before mentioned. 2. From the truth of the promifès of God. 3. From the Communion of Saints. 4.. From the continued pro-