Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

Cí61 proteEuion, and other mercies of God. 5. And from the certain hopes of glory. All which I must now but thus only name. There is another kind of joy, which too many leek in this facred Office, thereby Cora rupting and prophaning it : And the belt things corrupted become the worft, and fuch men moft pernicious to mankind, and there rotten pillars the greateft betrayers and ene- mies to the Church ; I mean fuch as Gregory Nazianz.ene fadly defcribeth in his time, even at the firtt general Council at .Conflantinople And fuch as Ifidore Pelusfota in his Epiftles to ,Zof rm , and fore filch others freely repre- hendeth ; And fuch as Gildas defcribeth in this land; And fuch as Salvian rebuketh And fuch as the Canons of abundance of Councils tell us (warmed heretofore. Eirít, Had there not been Prelates and Lriefts, that had placed their joy in dominion over their brethren, and getting into exalted thrones, in being rich and idle, and bowed to even by Princes , and mattering Kings and. Kingdoms by curling them from Chrift, making themfelves as the Soul, and Princes as the body, themfelves as the Sun, and Princes as the . Moon and Stars, abufing (Tibi daba claves)