Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

L 1{7] clave.) and (the difcip'le is not dove his Mailer) to the mattering of Dings and States as their fheep and difciples; a great part.of the Church Hiftory had been unwritten,or otherwife writ- ten than it is. Secòndly, Yea far be it from any Mihifter of Chrift, to expeta their joy from humane ap- plaufe, and the multitude of followers or dif= ciples; to be accounted a Learned, or a holy man, an excellent Preacher, and fo to have the refpe& and love of many. A good name and love are not to be defpi- fed, when they follow fidelity as its fhadow ; and as they liignife the good Of thofe that pro,. fit by the word. The Galatians would once have even pulled out their eyes for Paul : But alas, what is the thought and breath of man, that is hafting to the duff, and to the impar- tial Judge ! How fmall a matter Mould it be to us to he judged of many, that are fo near the final *Judgment ! And what a terrible fen- tence is it to the hypocrites, Mat. i i,6. Verily they have their reward: O poor and miferable reward ! And yet what age hath not feen that verified, eATI.. 20. ;o. Of your own felves Mall men arife, that (hall fpea4 perverfe things to draw away difciples after them, And Rom. E 16.17.