Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

Ci8]. 16. 17. Such (fill have been as have caufed di- "vifions and offences, contrary to Apofiolical Do(trine not ferving the Lord Jefus, but their own bellies (being ever flefhly,worldly men) and by good words and fair fpeeches deceive the hearts of the firnple. Andmen that have had the form of Godlinefs (or the life lefs Image) but deny the power of it by wick- ed lives, are thofe . from whom we rouit turn away. Thirdly, Yea and far be it from any faith- ful Minifter, or Chriftian, to take up his Joy from a conceit, that he bath commutatively merited of God, by the excellency of his faith or labours. Alas ! who is fùfficient for thefe things ? And what have we that we have not rotéived ? Or who bath given to God that it may be repaid him ? or what faithful Minifter of Chrift, did ever come out of the Pulpit, or from his private duty, without grief and flume that his faith and love, his skill and zeal, have been fo vaftly unfuitable to fuch great and excellent things that he was about ? And yet the Confcience of fimplicity and godly fin cerity, and Gods forgivenefs, affiftance and zcceptance, may fet our 7°yabove that ihame and grief. Fou rthy